November 15, 2011

Breaking new ground in 2011, Selim Ramia & Co launched the first ever cineplex in Saida - Grand Cinemas Saida Mall. The stylish new theatre, a partnership project with Jamal Sannan's Eagle Films under the Grand Entertainment group, opened its doors in February, becoming the fourth GC destination in Lebanon in four years.

The smashing success of the latest GC offering is a perfect reflection of the unprecedented ascendancy of the Grand Cinemas chain throughout the country and region. By the end of 2011, Grand Cinemas will represent 40% market share in Lebanon - a stunning achievement for a brand that began three and a half short years ago. With the strong leadership of SR&Co, there is full confidence that the next 12 months will see Grand Cinemas surpassing the competition to occupy the number spot in market share.

Heading into 2012, SR&Co prepares for an exciting new stage in the Grand expansion with the launch of four brand new Grand Cinemas in the region.


One of Lebanon's most popular commercial hubs, ABC Dbayeh stands at the pinnacle of luxury destinations and will soon be home to the country's fifth Grand location and the crown jewel in the GC chain. Grand Cinemas ABC Dbayeh promises a new standard in the cinema experience in a state-of-the-art nine-screen complex including a deluxe VIP theatre and the red carpet events synonymous with the Grand brand.


November 11, 2011, saw the launch of Kuwait's Al Hamra Tower with a spectacular light show enjoyed by citizens across the city. The world's tallest sculpted tower serves as a top-tier business and shopping complex, and the location of Kuwait's first Grand Cinemas theatre. The eight-screen cinema will offer the latest in 3D technology and a distinguished VIP class.


Amman's newest destination for the chic traveller and cosmopolitan city resident, Taj Life Style Centre has entertainment and luxury in store for Jordan's film lovers. Designed as an urban 21st century citadel, the complex will soon house the 14-screen Taj Cinemas, combining unequaled variety, a top-of-the-line range of services, plus two VIP class theatres. The Taj Cinemas project is a partnership between Selim Ramia & Co, Jamal Sannan and Yousef Al Taher.


Located in Aleppo, Shahba Mall & Hotel is the first shopping centre of its kind in Syria, boasting world class standards as well as the beauty of its surroundings. Forming its entertainment hub, the highly anticipated seven-screen Grand Cinemas Shahba Mall is being heralded as Syria's first ever multiplex, where moviegoers will be treated to GC's unrivaled services and the ultimate cinema experience.

ABC Dbayeh, Lebanon
Al Hamra Tower, Kuwait
Taj Centre, Jordan
Shahba Mall, Syria