November 30, 2011

Selim Ramia & Co this week announced that all Grand Cinemas locations across Lebanon and Jordan are now fully operational in digital format, making them the first fully digitised theatres in the Middle East.

The investment in a digital future is a major milestone for Grand Cinemas, which has seen its market share in Lebanon rise to a spectacular 40% in 2011 – only three and a half years after its launch in the country. It also marks another first for the brand that has pioneered such services as E/Ticket, E/Kiosk and RealD cinema in the region.

For cinemagoers, the benefits of digital technology are clear: image and sound as sharp as the day they were filmed, interactivity like never before, a wider variety of movies and worldwide simultaneous access to the biggest releases.   

Over the past three years, Grand Cinemas has taken full advantage of its digital capabilities, beaming sporting events live to cinema audiences via satellite and enabling more 3D theatres than any other cinema chain in the Middle East. Now, GC goes one step further with the rollout of 39 fully digitised theatres across six locations in Lebanon and Jordan – and more on the way. The installations incorporate cutting edge 4K cinema projectors capable of a whopping 8 million megapixels – the first technology of its kind in these territories.

“It's a revolution in cinema,” says CEO Selim Ramia, “and in the Middle East, it begins at Grand Cinemas.”