SR&CO- French Titles

September 10, 2014

Tu veux ou tu veux pas;

Elle L’adore:

With the 2 new French titles coming soon to Grand Cinemas, we expect no less than continuous romance and laughter this Fall. Sophie Marceau as you’ve always knew her, charming and full of expressions, will reveal her seductive and funny side this time in “Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas”, This November at Grand Cinemas.

Another French cinema treat to all rom-com lovers in town, with Elle L’adore, starring Sandrine Kiberlain (Les Femmes de 6eme étage – Les Gamins) and Laurent Lafitte, October 2014.

French movies facts:

On June 19th Grand Cinemas released the blockbuster French title Qu’es Qu’on A Fait Au Bon Dieu, in a glamorous premiere at Grand ABC Ashrafieh in the presence of the main actresses in the film “Frederique Bel & Emilie Caen”. Now here’s what you should know about that:

  1. It’s now officially the No.1 French Movie in Lebanon all-time, with 38,000 admissions so far.

  2. It crossed “Intouchables- 2011” with 20,000 admissions which was the No.1 French movie with 18,000 admissions.

  3. It’s the longest French movie running in Lebanese theaters ever, with 16 weeks in a row, and counting.

  4. It’s the 7th French Movie on France-All time-box office chart.

A très bientôt les Cinephiles!