a story of success

In the Gulf In particular, cinemas were a foreign concept, and so was the idea of a centralised dirsribution network for international titles, It was in this environment that in 1989 I co founded Guld Film, a company that would go on to become the regio's leading film distributor and exhibitor right up until its sale in 2011.111

That success was based on an absolute belief from the outset that birthing a new industry meant investing significant resources in an aggressive growth plan. building the framework from the ground up, and assuming a position of prominence on the worldwide stage.

With that vision in mind, for close to a decade and until satellite offices sprang up in Dubai, we were the sub-distributor of choice for every studio. It was only a matter of fact that we would launch the first standalone multiplex

and expand exponentially, consistently pioneering the latest cinema technologies. the local industry flourished. The Grand Cinemas chain grew from two screens to 108 in the UAE alone, and with a larger and more varied range of titles-sources from every continent-consumer appetite was awakened. As a direct result of our efforts, the UAE became the biggest grossing market in terms of ticket sales.

Thirty five years in this industry afford me perspective, but what drives me is a passion for film that started it all. As we forge our way across the region, developing new markets and building foundations always with an eye to the future, our success must always be measured by our determination to innovate and our desire to entertain.

Selim Ramia



SR&CO possesses an extensive library of hand picked titles of different genres to satiate the appetite of the different tranches of the market, where we’ve been responsible of the release of Hollywood's most Iconic titles in the Middle East such as Skyfall, The Hobbit, Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge, Martin Scorsese's Silence and many others.